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Things You Need To Know About Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. The worst cholera outbreak in the world has killed thousands and left hundreds of thousands more sick, while hunger strikes continue across the nation as citizens peacefully protest their oppression by authorities who are accused of launching unrestrained bombing operations against rebel-held areas with little respect for civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen is home to 16 million daily hungry. The system of health care in Yemen is in fact broken due to seven years of war. There’s no better place to turn to for assistance than the comfort of home, dead or alive. COVID19 victims are starving because doctors lack the resources to treat them. They’re too focused on fighting each other instead of trying to save their lives.

The country’s changing circumstances have created an ideal environment to facilitate HIV transmission. Four million people are in poverty and have no place to call home. The cost of food continues to rise and wages are still very low. That means not enough money is available to meet basic necessities such as the provision of clean water and healthcare. This is the reason that the pandemic can’t be controlled without international assistance. However, it’s imperative to act swiftly before it becomes too late.

The Yemenite people are fighting the spreading of Cholera for a long time in the past, but they’re not entirely safe at this point. There’s some possibility of a solution with the help of international organizations such as Save The Children US and World Vision UK, along with COVID-19.

How do you make sure that your donation to Welfare Trusts is helping the people of Yemen

The welfare trusts are able to provide food and water for millions of people during times of extreme suffering. They also provide a COVID-19 health kit to protect against infection, which has already killed a number of Yemenis.

In Yemen, welfare trusts have been working tirelessly over the last few years to assist those most in need. They continue to deliver humanitarian aid in extremely difficult circumstances, where they are in conflict and have difficulty in getting to their destination, which is one reason why there’s an urgent need for international organizations like them.

In an era when millions of people struggle to meet their basic needs We’re thankful that help is available to those who are in dire need. Partnering with local groups and providing food as well as cash so that people can purchase basic supplies while supporting the economy could lead to a reduction in hunger, or, at the very least, close to it than before.

Women in Yemen have been given an opportunity to be reborn thanks to the many generous donors who give their time and money to support this cause. Maternity hospitals are an welfare trust, are funded by charitable donations to ensure that each woman is able to deliver safely without suffering from dehydration or health risks when laboring. Rehabilitation centers provide medical and post-birth services for mothers prior to their return back to society.

Many welfare trusts have been giving hygiene kits to families living in camp sites. They also deliver safe drinking water to schools and hospitals in response.

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