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How Many Types Of Visas Are There For Saudi Arabia?

Anyone who wants to visit Saudi Arabia may find it difficult to obtain visas. This article will provide all the information regarding the visa needed to enter Saudi Arabia and how to get it approved through a port-of entry.

Saudi Arabia Visa Types

1. Visas for business and commercial reasons

The visa for business or commercial is the most popular and simplest type of visitor visa for Saudi Arabia. It allows a person to travel to Saudi Arabia for the benefit of their company or organisation, provided that they have received an invitation from a current customer. Online applications are possible at any moment before departure. However, you need to satisfy certain requirements. For example, having sufficient funds with one company to provide money on the day you arrive in the country.

Anyone who wants to bring their family members to an event should first sign in at the entrance. They then have to wait patiently while the office is busy. It could take one month, and other times three! Following approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices throughout the city, all schedules are set so that when invitations are sent out there’ll be no delays or surprises on your part, only pure excitement that you’ll soon have someone special joining you.

2. Visit to Work

Be aware that one of the main benefits of a visa for business is that you will only be compensated by your US employer. This means that you do not receive any compensation directly from Saudi hosts. If you suspect that they’ve made a mistake, please verify that their request for visiting-work authorization has been approved prior to making a decision. Keep in mind that it is being processed just like other applications. There will be some changes in dealing with Embassy personnel.

3. Government Visa

A government-sponsored program is the easiest and third most popular visa. You can apply for this type of permit by speaking with representatives of Saudi Arabian government agencies or their associates at the embassy. However, you will require less paperwork to apply for this type of sponsorship. It generally takes about approximately 1-2 business days for approval of the application. It is also free.

4. Family Visit Visa

It can be difficult to acquire family visas because it requires documents to prove your relationship with the customer. If you’re visiting grandparents you’ll require birth certificates as well as marriage certificates. What’s even more crucial is the relationship that has been established between the parents and their children. This kind of travel document has a huge influence on the spouse of your.

5. Residence Visa

The Residence Visa is intended for those who wish to relocate or settle in KSA. This kind of document for immigration is only issued by the Ministry of Interior and it’s connected directly to your Iqama card, meaning you’ll need an employment-based permit too. They’ll send you an invitation in yellow. But, it’s important to read the entire thing.

6. Work Visa

It is difficult to obtain an Saudi Arabia work visa. The most difficult visa is one which requires you to be employed by your employer, and get benefits. This can only happen when the employer is able to offer direct hiring. Many people need to undergo several recruitment firms before they are selected as a candidate for employment.

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