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Must-Have Features For Driver App

You need an efficient mobile service for your business in order to stay competitive on the market. Technology has brought numerous innovations in the last couple of years. Taxis are not an exception. Your taxi will stand out from your competitors by being able adapt quickly to the latest services, such as Uber-like or car rental companies that provide similar amenities at lower prices and still offer better service to customers as traditional taxi companies.

There are many types of taxi apps that are available on the market. One , however, is specifically designed for established companies in need. It allows customers to book their rides quickly along with a growing customer base aiding drivers in finding potential fares more quickly than ever before.

Two apps were designed by the developers to meet the requirements of passengers and drivers. This gives drivers as well as passengers greater control, allowing them to access features they require.

The Driver Apps must-have features

The taxi industry continues to face increasing competition A key element to maintain customer loyalty is to ensure that drivers have access to and full control of their application. Driver-friendly features allow new customers as well as those who are already customers to concentrate on the task with less hassle which ultimately results in better service delivery for everyone.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS).

Drivers prefer mobile apps that are effective and efficient for their job. GPS tracking systems determine the exact location of the passenger, but when they are shared, it becomes much easier for drivers to locate them at any given time since they will know precisely where the family members are.

The Availability Button

Drivers can now use their smartphones to mark themselves available to take new requests or pick up details. This means they’ll be informed immediately whenever there is a need and will have the option to locate a new fare with all necessary information like the location.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will allow drivers will now be able to assess their performance against others in terms of overall performance. They will also receive useful statistics and information on their trips. Before deciding whether to improve, they can also view feedback from riders on previous rides.

Email & SMS Alerts

The taxis will receive important messages from passengers via email or SMS alerts. They will also be able to respond to queries via the option of accepting or declining by using a user-friendly interface which is great for both the parties involved in the transaction.

Begin/End the Ride

Maps are a great way to get to your destination. This map will reveal the places where drop-off and pickup locations are located making it more accessible to all parties.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

If a person requests transportation it will be clear if it’s accepted or denied within seconds. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 seconds of receiving their message through the app, that indicates there are no more cars in the area which could take them from the start.

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