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LEGOLAND Florida: Interactive Attractions For Children

LEGO fans flocked to the entrances of LEGOLAND Florida to have a chance to play with the most sought-after toys. Families posed in bright shades with massive sculptures that featured Albert Einstein and other famous characters, while southern women viewed from afar, smiling because the toys were no longer required. The reason for this was an awesome promotional campaign our partners over there helped to make possible.

Here are the top reasons why you should visit LEGOLAND Florida:

1. Interactive Attractions for Children

The park’s interactive features are fun and interactive. Ford Driving School offers mini cars for kids to drive through two-lane streets that have stop signs as well as a roundabout. They also offer LEGO workshops, Mindstorms kits, and the chance to program robots with Mindstorms. This is more than just being entertained. There are many things that will get you off of the tu quoque wheels or because your child needs to get more fitness than she/he does every day, or because a friend keeps him busy when he’s not working.

Kids of all ages are sure to delight in the DUPLO village or the barn. For older children, there is amusement at Forestman’s Hideout, and Pharaohs Revenge. If you want to build their own adventure there’s even an interactive area with laser guns that are suitable for all ages at The Lost Kingdom ride inside the Land Of Adventure.

2. Roller Coasters

Coasters aren’t just intended for thrill-seekers. LEGOLAND Florida has a wide variety of roller coasters that will keep you entertained as well as your heart pumping. The California sister park has four rides, while the Florida version offers three. While this could disappoint some visitors, it will not stop them from enjoying the various attractions in this destination Hattan. They include Coasteraurus the wooden dinosaur themed attraction, or Flight School, which is suspended steel and offers something different because of its airborne experience.

3. Cypress Gardens

The Cypress Gardens, Florida’s oldest and most loved natural park is home to truly amazing nature. The park was opened for the first time in 1933. The park is famous for its huge Banyan Tree, which stands amid the other 39 magnificent trees that are on the grounds. Additionally, there are southern belles sporting Hoop skirts, and also water ski shows. This was back in the days of when there was no restriction on working inside due the cold temperatures.

4. Water Ski Show

Brickbeard’s Bounty battle is an exciting spectacle that will leave you with a roar of excitement and gasps. Miss Miranda and her soldiers from the imperial side, defeat Captain Brickerhead’s pirates using a series of waterski jumps and other actions. If your camera or phone is not waterproof, then you should protect it from the water splashed during the first five rows.

5. LEGO Brick Creations

Miniland is the most popular attraction of any LEGO park. The LEGO sculptures are built from 50 million bricks that make come to life iconic buildings and structures around the world. There are unique representations of Miami Beach and Kennedy Space Station in addition to other nearby locations like Daytona International Speedway and Key West. They make it worth visiting, even if you’re not playing all day long.

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