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Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Designers and developers are beginning to build more websites that have focus on mobiles since the majority of the revenue currently is generated by mobile devices. It is crucial that web designers and developers have experience in designing apps in order to guarantee the best UX for smaller screens. This can help them create an app-based website that requires particular attention due to its small dimensions.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May blossoms. That’s why we are getting more rounded corners as well as more vibrant colors on websites. Much like elements of design like profiles or input forms backgrounds have also evolved away from 90deg angles , to create interest with interesting perspectives that will keep your users engaged longer than. Making sure your website aligns with current trends will help foster trust between yourself + potential customers , allowing them to not only to purchase from but also to recommend your service to boost sales by a significant amount.

More Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies are helping to make animated websites more well-known. These scripts transform your website into a reading platform that can read printed texts, but additionally allow interaction between user and page elements. This is a huge improvement on the previous restrictions of what you were able to accomplish prior to the introduction of images to the world-wide web.

Websites are increasingly interactive. Instead of reverting to 1990s-style design, page transitions and sliding information panels are a great way to make your website look more lively. The increased interaction can lead to visitors to sites that earn revenues, which can lead to a greater per-visit cost (RPV).


Businesses are increasingly making use of the HTML5 video tag to safeguard their websites and keep them operational. With more platforms that allow video content hosting (including streaming) companies are able to handle this better than ever before. The use of these tags lets companies’ videos to seamlessly integrate into their website and gives the possibility of a greater selection of players.

Video backgrounds

Due to the increasing popularity of videos as backgrounds, you can utilize their benefits to your advantage. This will increase the level of engagement with your customers. They can boost conversion rates by offering more information than conventional images. Additionally, videos are simpler to read for those who aren’t able to read texts.

Video backgrounds can help increase brand recognition and increase return visits. It has been shown both in general and for certain varieties like video marketing or eCommerce content strategies that help you grow your business and increase time on your website while also increasing customer engagement levels.

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